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10 Biggest Education Industry Trends in 2021

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

The world was not a perfect place, but it wasn’t bad either. The world was enjoying the comfort and connectivity provided by the technological revolutions while indulging in futuristic planning, to say the least.

But then came a big jolt rattling the entire ecosystem, snatching people away from the lap of luxury and throwing them into a whirlwind of chaos created by the COVID-19. The unstoppable pandemic tossed the world upside down in the literal sense while dismantling every aspect of life.

Once the dust settled, the world started struggling to stand on its feet. Amid doom and gloom, technological innovations quickened the recovery by bringing in hope, especially for the school and college-goers.

All the futuristic setups such as virtual classroom models, technological teaching frameworks, high-end learning systems, etc. that were in the pipeline were implemented hurriedly turning the virtual learning system into reality overnight.

Such was the crisis, it didn’t give time to think. Consequently, people jumped on the distance learning bandwagon without much ado. Kindergarten to high school goers, management students to medical students, everyone was scurrying online to save their academic year from going waste.

Before the pandemic, Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) were trending leisurely in the educational sector, but when distance learning was implemented across the world to combat COVID-19, it became the new normal.

Earlier, distance education, where students and instructors were separated by geographies and connected by technology, wasn’t widely accepted, but now it is mainstream. To add to it, once a buzz about changing trends in the education sector with EdTech, threatening to completely revolutionize the education industry by transforming curriculums, has now become a reality. Thanks to all the changes, the educational sector witnesses unprecedented changes. EdTech – an integration of technology and education to provide practical learning experiences – is trending and we bring to you the top 10 trends in education that are likely to dominate 2021.

1. Blended Learning (BL)

Blended Learning is a strategically designed package of face-to-face learning and web-based virtual learnings to enhance the learning experience for the students.

Earlier, Blended Learning was implemented in higher education institutes to allow students the best of both worlds. And Blended Learning has shown encouraging reports because it shifts the focus from teaching to learning thus encouraging students’ deeper engagement in the process.

2. STEAM Learning

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. STEAM learning is already trending and in the future, its demand will grow manifold because this project-based learning experience enhances creativity, critical thinking and develops problem-solving skills in children.It has an inclusive approach that provides a hands-on learning experience. STEAM is also helping in recognizing the importance of art and understanding its correlation to engineering, technology, and mathematics.

3. Artificial Intelligence