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Education System in Karachi

After Islamabad, Karachi is Pakistan's second highest literacy city. The literacy rate of Karachi is about 75%. Thousands of students are educated in Karachi each year. As we know, Karachi is Pakistan's largest city or region in terms of population, and Karachi's education is highly valued by the government and our people. Karachi is called the City of Light because it is the busiest in Pakistan. Education in Karachi is of paramount importance to parents and governments, as Karachi is the center of the stock market across Pakistan and a major city of financial activity.

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan by area and by population. Karachi is the main business port of Pakistan. Gwadar Port has connected Pakistan to the world for all kinds of exports and imports. More business more money and that’s why Karachi making progress in educational structure. There are 100 universities are working in Karachi who educates thousands of students.

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