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Is A Level Maths Harder Than Other A Level Subjects?

Of course some maths is ha

rd – there are advanced mathematical proofs which are only understood by a small handful of people in the whole world, partly because they take many years of study to understand them. Even professional mathematicians don’t have time to learn everything! A Level Maths is definitely not in this category, as tens of thousands of students fully master the content each year, and student achievement suggests that Maths A Level is not statistically harder than other A Levels. A Level Maths is not harder than other subjects at A Level – however this doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard – of course you will. There might be times when you feel overwhelmed or confused, just like you would when trying to write an extended A Level essay on Shakespeare. Hard work and good teaching will overcome nearly all difficulties in A Level Maths – so feel encouraged to take a second look at A Level Maths – maybe it is for you after all?

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