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Is A Level Maths Suitable for You?

Before you start a course in A Level Maths it is vital to have the right background knowledge and skills. Teachers will be able to give you advice about which Grade you need at GCSE to have a good chance of being successful at A Level. Despite this, there are still people who got a really good grade at GCSE who think that A Level Maths will be too hard for them. This is unlikely to be the case – if you have the right entry grades and are prepared to work hard, then nearly everyone will be successful in their A Level Maths. For mature students, it isn’t as easy to simply look at their GCSE grade and predict whether they will be able to succeed at A Level Maths – sometimes these students can make up for lost ground by hard work or the extra maturity they have gained in the many years since they last studied maths. And of course there may be some pupils who got a lower grade at GCSE due to illness or exceptional circumstances and are able to overcome this at the next stage. This is why it is so important to talk to the teachers who know you and ask their advice about whether they think you could succeed at A Level Maths.

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